Capture, Search, and Collaborate - Team Information Simplified

We're creating the best place to go when sharing internal infromation. With Onomonopedia you can instantly draft, edit, and publish content internally to teams. With advanced department organization it’s simple to share pertinent information with just the people that need it. Allowing passwords, files, and analytics to be shared safely and securely amongst team members.

Team Information Simplied

Simply Designed

Design to get the information you need to you as effciently and effectevily as possible. Making it easier to create, edit, and publish interal information for your team to easily discover.

Analyze Effectively

With advanced analytics you can effectively analyze and keep up to date on all passwords used, files downloaded, and documents viewed.

Insanely Secure

We want to make sure all files, passwords, and internal information are kept securely. With 128-bit encryption you can rest at ease that everything is safe and secure.